Wake up & Be In Love

This morning I was listening to an interview with Bruce Lipton, author of Biology of Belief that I read many years ago. When he was asked what's the secret to waking up every morning to health & happiness he replied, "Wake up & be in love." Marvelous! They went on to talk about nature vs. nurture stuff - all very interesting, but that suggestion to wake up and be in love inspired me on many levels.

This Palouse Sunrise was seen while a couple of young Nez Perce sang and played drums. Now that's waking up in love!

I know our survival biology hardwires us to look for the negatives in... whatever. It's basically what worry is. I'm pretty good at that & I'll bet I'm not alone. How many of us wake up in the morning (or worse, the middle of the night) & immediately start ruminating about anything that's not going well? What a way to start the day...

I doubt this chipper little fellow was worrying about anything

I love this idea to instead wake up & ruminate about the other half of the equation - what's going well. What you're in love with. The part of the glass that's half full. Then build in on that for your day.


Getting A Different Perspective on things

So there's this "waking up" piece. First I wake up in the morning. Then I must "Wake Up". In this context it's about becoming aware. Aware that I'm doing that ruminating/worry thing. Then aware that I'd like to choose something different.

Now that's something different!

Then what? Well here's where the being in love part comes in. And it starts with being grateful that there's a negative experience to begin with. Because without that, how would I know what I want to change? You know, the old "Without the darkness how would you know there's light" thing.

Light from the Darkness

Now I can pick up my Gratitude Journal & write in my 3-5 things. But WAIT! Maybe it should be a "I'm In Love With" journal instead?

I was in love with these two Grebes for photobombing my image of Salmon River reflections

So I tried it this morning, starting each of my sentences with "I'm in love with". I know, sounds kinda cheesy. But when you intentionally conjure up the feeling of love (you don't have to write about it in a journal, it works the same to just "ruminate ;<), your very chemistry changes. It floods you with all those "FeelGood" hormones (better than anti-depressants any day). I've actually been seeing a lot out there about "Bio-hacking", as its called: intentionally accessing well being/happiness through an understanding of & working with your biology.

And that's what it felt like. A flood of well being & happiness.

Camas Prairie Bloom

What are you in Love with? I'd love to hear....leave your comment below.

Waking Up and the cup overfloweth...