Tree Spirits

Have you ever had that experience of walking through a grove of trees with a feeling of being surrounded by sentient beings? That expectant sense of presence? I believe it is a universal experience for those quiet & aware enough to let it in.

A few years ago my granddaughter & I shared such an experience. And we decided the sound of wind in the trees was their story to be understood if we listened very carefully. So we did, and we do, whenever we're in the woods together. I can tell you it's delightful..

Turns out, trees DO communicate. The Hidden Life of Trees, by Peter Wohlleben, describes what scientists have discovered about the community of trees we call "groves", or "forests", & it's remarkable. It's miraculous when you hear about it the first time, but reasonable enough when you get just how miraculous this whole flippin' universe is to begin with.

He describes the underground network of tree roots hooking up with intricate fungal webs to send messages to one another of impending threats, like bug infestations, or their own or each other's health status. Did you know healthy trees will send nutrients & sugars to their struggling brethren? Or a dying tree will send out its last treasure stores of sugars to others in its community as its final offering? And there's so much more...

Knowing all this is very cool (check out the book on Amazon), and has added to my experience of walking in the woods. But still, it's the walk in the woods that fills my heart & soul.

I love finding those trees of character & trying to capture their spirit in a photo.What a character!

Now THIS palm tree is having some fun!

There is something arresting about seeing that one lone tree in a landscape. What is it that resonates so?Lone Tree

And, although difficult, very satisfying to represent that sense of community in a special groove of trees with an image.Spring in the Aspens

Fall in the Aspens - I love Aspens. The largest living organism in the world is a grove of aspens, all related through a shared root system. Wow!

Even tree skeletons, affectionately called "snags", have beautiful forms. And function still as critical wildlife habit.The Desert Ent out for a walk.

Sunset Skeleton

So as you can see, I am a lover of trees. Something I know I'm not alone in. And yup - I hug them! I had a vision once as I hugged a Ponderosa Pine, of glittering channels of tiny lights flowing up & down from roots to crown & back again. And nope - drugs weren't involved! :D

I am drawn to photograph them endlessly. So if you want more, I hope you'll hop over to my Tree Spirit Gallery & enjoy a virtual walk in the woods with me.

p. s. Did you know when you stick your nose into the bark of a Ponderosa PineTree you'll catch the scent of chocolate, butterscotch or vanilla? Try it!