Transformation. Opportunuty.

These are transformative times. I've heard it described as "strange", "crazy", "wake up call", "crisis" - all true. But transformative is my favorite. Because it seems to me, historically speaking, whenever (wo)mankind made a social/cultural evolutionary jump, it was the result of some kind of extremity they experienced. This certainly is extreme! And that means we're on the leading edge of Evolution. Whoa.

Winter to Summer (this image available here)

Winter Transforms to Spring (this image available here)

Transformation. Opportunity.

Well that's pretty heady, but what does that look like scaled to everyday life? I was reading recently about how many folks in the city were marveling that they could hear sounds of nature (like robin song :<) with the dramatic drop in motor noise. That the air smelled so clear and sweet now that smog has almost disappeared.                                                               Sweet Clear Air (this image available here)

And, of course, with everyone experiencing some level of "cabin fever", they were relishing the time they had to be outside to notice all of this. 

Opportunity! Opportunity of time and experience to revel in our connection with the Great Outside and each other. Not really an evolution I guess, because it's always been part of the human experience, but certainly a critical remembrance. We get a lot of those experiences already where I live, but I know a lot of folks elsewhere do not. Even here though, we are so often caught up in "busyness" that we miss out.

Slowing Down (this image available here)

This slowing down part of Sheltering in Place is a small example of opportunity that can have a transformative impact on our experience of the world and how we behave in it. Re-Wilding is a part of it. There's even a book written with that title. How about that? An opportunity to Re-Wild yourself! The ultimate effect? Well, being the creatures of Nature we so absolutely are, ultimately our health is affected on every level:  our mental state improved, our immune systems boosted - coronavirus tamed?.                                                                  Take Me There (this image available here

And being the social creatures we are, this time of isolation highlights our connections to one another. I am hoping that as a collective world with this deeply felt experience, we can integrate connection to nature and each other into our everyday decisions of  how we treat the earth, choose our leaders, and treat our neighbors with that good 'ole Golden Rule.                                                      Evolution anyone? Boom. (this image available here)