Thanksgiving Address Part 5: The Trees, Oh the Trees

Trees are often described as The Lungs of the World. And they certainly are! For they are the scrubbers of our CO2 clogged air. So yeah, that's half the equation. The other half is, well, all of us humans along with the rest of the breathing creatures of the earth. The trees breathe in our expired CO2 and we breathe in their expired oxygen, the only element on earth more precious to life (including humans) than water. We all know this, and we disregard our reciprocal relationship with trees at great peril, as evidenced by the growing crises of deforestation, let alone the recent tragedies of climate change.

2020 Mudslide on Hwy 95 after torrential rains: a minor event compared to the slides seen after intense drought-fueled fires laid bare the California hillsides and washed them away. Without trees and vegetation, the land has nothing to hold onto...

But that’s not all they’re responsible for, according to the Thanksgiving Address:

Standing around us we see all the Trees. The Earth has many families of Trees who each have their own instructions and uses. Some provide shelter and shade, others fruit and beauty and many useful gifts. The Maple is the leader of the trees, to recognize its gift of sugar when the People need it most. Many peoples of the world recognize a Tree as a symbol of peace and strength. With one mind we greet and thank the Tree Life. Now our minds are one.

This crazy tree is barely hangin on! Could be the most interesting tree I've ever photographed. There was a small stream flowing within its roots that was slowly eroding away its support, and I'm sure will eventually win out. But still, it's been here forever, and is a well known and loved tree called "The Tree of Life". An apt name, don't you think?

I’m sure we can each come up with even more gifts tree life provides. I can’t get enough of photographing them myself. There’s a special affinity I feel for trees, and I know I’m not alone in this. One of my favorite examples of Tree Life personified is the story of the Ents, described in Tolkien’s famous Trilogy. Brilliant! I even have a photo of a Desert Ent! Doesn't it look like he's leaning forward to slowly stride across the land?

Desert Ent Making Way

I love love love trees, wherever I go. We have a tree guide book in our camper van that never gets put away.  And I'm sure I'll never get enough of photographing their unique characters. I most certainly give Thanks for the Tree Life!

Is there a special gift from the trees that you are especially fond of? Comment below!

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