Is Life a Struggle or a Wonder?

I've always known that the words we speak out loud and in our thoughts have great power. That words we speak and think are not just words & thoughts, but things. Things that have a vibrational presence with big influence over our feelings & experience. My friend Jody and I used to debate whether thoughts or emotions come first. Now I'm believing it's both - a two way street.

The Clearing

Whether you think, speak, or feel something first I guess is really no matter, but recognizing the power of it is. Because with that awareness a choice becomes available. I'm all for having more choices over my experience, so I'm thinking (:<) that noticing what I speak, think and feel is key to having those choices. Take the word 'Struggle' for instance. When you say to yourself or someone else, "It's such a struggle", you're saying/thinking, it's hard. And it feels hard. It feels like swimming upstream. In the world of river running, going upstream is really hard, & the whole point is to go downstream. To be in the flow. That's fun!

Looking Down Stream into Lava Rapid on the Colorado River

It's obvious how to do that on the river, but how does that work in my daily life? First I must notice l'm swimming upstream (again), and then perhaps change the words and thoughts I'm using.

Check this out (& it really is this easy!): I can substitute the word 'struggle' with the word 'wonder'. Instead of saying for instance," I struggle with swimming upstream", I can say "I wonder how I could turn downstream?". It changes the whole feeling of it, doesn't it? Yeah, my problem to solve is still there but:

The Way is Clear

Now I feel like I've turned downstream. Now the answer may just flow to me instead of exhaust me...

At Ease On the Main Salmon

Opportunities to choose wonder over struggle are always presenting themselves. Change from the word 'struggle' to the word 'wonder' each time and your world will be filled with more Wonder and less Struggle. Cool. I think I can do that. You?

Choosing Wonder