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What are the possibilities? I recently participated in a discussion group that asked for our thoughts & experiences with the word Imagination. When I thought about it, I realized it's because I imagine first what I want that most things manifest as reality in my life. Hmmmm. Like what ? Well, certainly not my most wondrous grandchildren...that wasn't my imagination! At least their creation wasn't ;<)  And how does that even work? (my reality, not the grandchildren...).

I've noticed that whenever I can daydream (imagine) about something wanted, it begins to take full shape & form. As that happens its vision becomes more clear and I start to see myself doing it, having it, being it. As that happens opportunities, inspired action to reach for it are easy to come by. And the rest flows from there. Conversely, if I'm not able to envision in this way, it simply doesn't happen or its fruition is difficult. All of this infers the need for time, for space to allow development of a vision. A time to daydream and imagine.

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I've even considered how those often silly science fiction movies actually are the imagination of things that are to become - ie: Star Trek's "communicators" were the precursors to those first flip cell phones. I loved those things.

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Along with all of the angst and complaints of our current quarantine crises, I've also heard people opening to the wonder of having this kind of time & space to...what? Just be? Daydream? Imagine? I think at first it can be hard to allow yourself to do this. Our beliefs about what's ok can get in our way. When I was a young child I remember my teachers moving me away from the classroom windows because I 'daydreamed' too much. Really? 

If you'd like to play around with this idea, try this: here's a link to a guided meditation I recorded long ago when I taught yoga

Body Scan Meditation

It's a simple 16 minute Body Scan designed to help you get grounded in your physical presence, which then can open you to that wonderment of the present time and space that is always around you. Then, imagine the possibilities!

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Thanks for reading.

Shanti,  Connie