Getting Out of Your Head - Coming To Your Senses

Remember how confusing and jumbled your thoughts were as a teenager? (and maybe still are?). When I was a teenager my mother began teaching me how to be present, and I didn't even know it. Not very aware yet....

She started offering this to my adolescent dramas, "Just because you think it, doesn't mean it's true."

Well, you can imagine my frustration hearing that as a fifteen year old trying to fit in. But something about it was also comforting. And so began the journey of realizing my mind had a life of its own. That my thoughts are things that are not me. I have thoughts, but my thoughts are not me. That my mind, although a constant companion (call it Monkey Mind), wasn't necessarily always helpful.ClearingThoughts That Obscure

In this time of extremity, it's easy to follow the mind's worries for the future and fall into a state of fear. Understand that those worries are the mind's projections. Not real, just unrealized potentials in your imagination. When you stay present in this moment, you find rarely is there cause for the level of fear the imagined worry creates. And remember what the Fight or Flight (stress) response does to your body? Yup, it trashes your immune system among other things. Not what is very helpful right now. Or ever...True Self CelebrationTrue Self Ahhhh Moment

So the mind has another dimension: Awareness, Presence. That's what the True Self is, outside of your thoughts. It's part of what we're cultivating when we meditate, or pray. It almost seems to me we needed this global pandemic to push us into reaching for this understanding. You don't have to believe all your thoughts! Recognizing that, you begin to see the mind at work, how it worries incessantly about the future and ruminates endlessly about the past. But I'm guessing you've all had those moments when your mind subsides briefly and you feel that delightful, "Ahhhh", with spontaneous smiles and body tingling. It's liberating, right? How can we have more of that?Spring ForthSimple Pleasure Moments

So I have to say all of these thoughts came together after listening to an Eckhart Tolle 20 minute free miniseries, part one, and I had to share them with you. The link for that is here if you want more:

Conscious Manifestation, How to Create in Changing times

He says at the end,

"Let go of unhelpful mind activity and replace it with aware presence in the Now." 

And, if things do get tough (that's Life, right?)

"You can meet whatever arises with the power of your Presence: this is what is".

Eckhart Tolle is a master at this. His book, The Power of Now, is a revelatory primer on the subject. I recommend it. But this mini series might be just the thing to get you started in this exploration, or a simple re-grounding into something you already use in your life.Louie Lake SunriseFinding Clarity in Presence

May you Be Well, Body Mind and Spirit


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