When my children were young, I played classical music almost exclusively in our home knowing they would get precious little exposure to it as they grew. I hoped to instill the same appreciation for it my own mother shared with me as a child. Bragging about this one day to a friend, I was shocked when he responded that they would be better served to learn to be in silence. That very few anymore know how to even tolerate silence. He was right! Whether it be traffic noise or the ever present stream of music offered up everywhere you go, it’s difficult to find a place of true silence. And I’ve heard not just a few people say they get nervous when it’s too quiet. We are relentlessly inoculated with the sound of (wo)man and their machines from birth.

The Mind and It’s Noise

Then there’s the noise of our very own minds. Our thoughts spin round and round saying pretty much the same things over and over. Did you know the average person has around 15,000 thoughts/day, and that most are the same ones repeating again and again? How powerful is that? Wow. Combine that with the age old wisdoms, “Just because you think it, doesn’t mean it’s true” & “A belief is nothing more than a thought you’ve repeated to  yourself over and over” and you can begin to see how we get into a lot of messes, individually and collectively.

The Mind Wants to Breathe Too!

Sit With Your Mind

So why silence? It’s like allowing the mind space to breathe. You know how great it feels to take a deep breath? That’s how it feels to clear the mind and Enter the Silence. Even for five minutes! It doesn’t mean we have to have physical utter silence, but it helps. It certainly means we clear the decks from distractions and just Be with the mind.

Uh-oh. There’s the rub for most. Just sit there doing nothing, thinking nothing? Yikes. Sounds pretty boring, huh? When my husband was first introduced to meditation and letting go of thoughts, his first reaction was, “But I LIKE my thoughts!”


Yup. We are talking about meditation here. It means many different things to people these days. And I know it’s kinda like the new fashion too. There’s certainly a lot of buzz about it going on. Since you’ve read this far, perhaps you’d be interested in trying a little experiment? I’m attaching a link for a short 10 minute guided meditation I recorded, designed to help you be a witness to your thoughts rather than getting caught up in them. You may even have the direct experience of realizing the “Who You Are” is separate from your thoughts. Ahhhh, breath of fresh air. And some Peace.

Be at Peace

Next week I’ll explore a little more about silence and meditation. In the meantime, if you practice the Guided Meditation a bit, let us know your experience in the comments! Or any questions, thoughts…  AND – if you know anyone who might be interested in this line of inquiry, I’d love it if you’d forward it along with an invitation to subscribe to the blog!

Connie McClaran

My work is an expression of the deep connection I feel with the natural world. When I’m on a photographic “walkabout” I allow the lines of separation to blur and settle into an immersion, if you will, that becomes the images you’ll see on this website.

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