I’ve often choreographed my yoga classes based on the season: the more continuous movement of a vinyasa flow in the spring to raise our energy out of winter’s sluggishness, a balance of flow and hold in the summer months equalizing the intensity of summer’s energy, a distinct slowing in the fall and restful restorative satisfying winter’s need to hibernate. There are many ancient disciplines that recognize the power of earth’s cycles in our lives and design practices around them to heal and soothe our mind/bodies. Like Yoga, Ayurveda, Five Element Acupuncture, Qi Gong and so many others. Got a favorite? (I’d love to hear your favorite in the comments!). ReWirement could be considered in the Fall or Winter season of your life.

Spring Bloom

(Speaking of Yoga, I announced at my final Wisdom Yoga class & Yoga For Everybody class a promise to deliver to you a recording of them for your home practice enjoyment. Here’s a link to the Wisdom Yoga Class. Stay tuned for a video of a restorative Yoga for Everybody in the next blog!)

Being a grandparent to 3 VERY active and VERY beautiful grandchildren, a daughter to a VERY beautiful octagenarian, and mother to  two INCREDIBLE sons, I stand in my recent ReTirement a witness to most of  our human life cycles reflecting those same earth cycles. Now, I know well that this is not an original observation, but EXPERIENCING it, almost the full range of it at 63 years of age, is quite a wonderment. It’s all so logical, so… perfect. So in sync with the metaphor of Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Summer Time, and the livin’ is easy

I notice our culture spending a lot of time bucking the tide of, well, whatever age/season you’re in.  As kids we long to be grown ups, as grown ups we romanticize our youth. We can’t wait to retire and have our time all to ourselves, then we retire and don’t know what to do with all that time. I read a fantastic story in Big Magic (one of my favorite books for creative inspiration) of a ninety year old woman deciding she was interested in ancient cuneiform writing. She became the world’s leading expert on it by the time she was 94. Boom. Now THAT’S ReWiring.

As I spoke of in my original post on the subject of Rewirement, the concept of retiring needs a redo. To get away from ReTiring and doing nothing to ReWiring and doing what tickles your fancy, lights your fire. So if we ReWire instead, as that 90 year old woman did, how does it work? It can only start with self-discovery. Retirement’s got you more time? Or maybe you’re thinking about making that transition. Start with self-discovery. I often say in yoga class, Awareness is key…

A Charlie’s Garden Fall

I remember looong ago sitting with my best friend in a very cool little cafe in Berkeley (we were on vacation for the rest of our lives till our money ran out!) making a list of ALLLL the things we were interested in. What a blast. And what a great place to start (the list, not necessarily Berkeley :<). Of course there are many things on that list that no longer apply.  Some because I’ve now been there done that, some because I’m no longer interested, some because I simply am not physically able. It’s that season thing again. The list got smaller, thank goodness!

Winter Stillness

So if this ReWirement thing is the Fall of our lives, what would be on your list? Fall can mean many things to each of us. I’d love to see ideas, thoughts, aha’s in the comments. Who knows? Maybe your inspiration will ignite another’s. Or me!

Connie McClaran

My work is an expression of the deep connection I feel with the natural world. When I’m on a photographic “walkabout” I allow the lines of separation to blur and settle into an immersion, if you will, that becomes the images you’ll see on this website.

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  1. So nice to be reading your “posts” again. An inspiration for sure. Keep them coming !! Bev

    1. Thank you Bev!

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