I live in the High Country. Spring in the mountains of Central Idaho comes late, and we’re hungry for it long before it arrives. You’re considered a local not by how many years you’ve lived here, but by how many winters you’ve lived through. And it’s not the winter that’s really objected to, but the numbing length of it. I’m crazy to see color by the end of March, but it just isn’t here yet. So what’s a photographer, who’s longing for spring, to do?

Why photograph in Black & White of course!

Early Spring in Valley County

The lake has finally melted out, but there’s still snow on the ground. The animals are coming out too, but they’re braving a half frozen world to do it.

I see this heron every time I pass over the bridge. Looks like he's patiently awaiting lunch to present itself!


I love photographing trees. They’re one of my  favorite subjects, but how to do it when they’re still naked? B&W. I loved this image because of how it brought out the dormant stillness of the trees not yet awakened to spring, but the promise of spring at their feet in the recent snow melt.

Time to Wake Up!

This one shows a few green leaves popping out of the aspens. It’s not strictly a black and white, but in the processing of it, I allowed just a hint of the color to show through in the leaves. The message? It’s Coming!!!! (Spring, that is)

Waking Up

When I can’t find the spring color I long for, and I certainly can’t wait for it to go out and play, black and white photography can be so satisfying! Then I can be content for a little while longer, until…

Well, join me next time to see and hear about what other ways folks in the high country deal with cabin fever.

Come On Spring!

If you’d like to see more of my black and white images, you can! Click here for that gallery.

Connie McClaran

My work is an expression of the deep connection I feel with the natural world. When I’m on a photographic “walkabout” I allow the lines of separation to blur and settle into an immersion, if you will, that becomes the images you’ll see on this website.

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