Have you forgotten how to play? There are many books and articles out there about learning how to “see” in photography. And there are many books and articles on “being in the flow” for artists, athletes and businesspersons alike. They are all talking about being playful really. About being in a state of playfulness, being in the moment. Just Being. Kids do that all the time.

Being “Play, Play, Play”

So it’s really just a matter of remembering to be playful, rather than learning something new. (Yay. remembering instead of another learning curve!).  Well that’s all well and good, but still, HOW do you remember playful? Adulthood just seems to be about moving away from childhood and all it’s playfulness. On my website’s About page, here’s how I describe my experience of playing, or “being in the flow” when I go on a Photography Walkabout:

“Before I even begin to capture a photograph, I wait for all of the sensory experiences of the place I’m in to come alive in their interwoven relationships with one another. The bird’s song, the stillness of the lake, the voice of the wind in the trees, the rush of the creek, the distant movement in the clouds. When they come together and I feel a part of it, I pick up my camera and get lost in the magic of bringing it into a photograph.”

Bear Grass at Grassy Twin Lakes, where it all came together.

In my last blog I promised you a surprise tool. As a yoga teacher, one of my favorite things is to lead students into the feeling of being in the flow during a class, allowing themselves to be playful, forgetting all else. It’s a blissful feeling, and becomes a direct experience of what we’re talking about. I’d like to share that with you in a recording of a short guided meditation designed to take you there. I will lead you through a quick process first of breath awareness, then getting centered, which then grounds you into Being Present. Once Present, you can be feel the shackles of all the could’a-should’a-would’as of adulthood fall away. Free to be playful! Check it out. With practice you can use this process to be Playful at will. You will Be at Play. Sweet.

More playing around at Grassy Twin Lakes

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