When my son was about four, he came into the kitchen to complain about being bored. I did what most mothers do, I sent him out to play. With his sad face on he moaned, “Play, play, play, all I get to do is play.” This story still tickles me to this day. He’s thirty years old now with a son of his own. He’s not even embarrassed any more when we tell the story.


We know, understand and accept that children learn from play. But of course being an adult, well, things are just more serious than that. Including learning.  What’s funny though, is that we now understand that sitting adults down in a classroom to listen to a lecture for an hour or two isn’t that effective for them either. And then you get that monotone professor …. ugh. Studies show we retain not much more than 10% of what we heard. Usually less. So we have to study, study, study. Boring.

In my yoga retreats where the theme is learning how to Cultivate Joy in your life, it’s 10% talking about it and 90% doing it. Folks come away transformed. Their (lifelong) homework is more doing. We learn by actually doing stuff. And the more fun we have doing it, the better the learning.

Hey! isn’t that playing?

Playing with ICM: Intentional Camera Movement

My point is, now that you’ve thought about what tickles your soul (in the last blog), don’t just think about it. DO it! And don’t just do it, Play with it. The playfulness you bring to whatever it is, in my case it’s photography, will accelerate your mastery and your satisfaction. Not to mention your enjoyment. And that’s what it’s all about, right?

So again, What Tickles Your Soul? Now go Do it. And I’d love to hear your stories….

More to come. Next week I will have a surprise tool to share with you.

Here’s that wonderful plant, the False Hellebore again. A representation of being at play with a camera. Coming in for the macro view to emphasize the grace of line and form, eliminating color to enhance that even more, I really had fun with this one.

Your Thoughts?

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